Whether it is a single project or an integrated strategy, Ifill/DoubleBack Global Group provides innovative and comprehensive solutions. By assembling a creative, professional and effective team and collaborating with the client, we develop a project plan and service offering that will capture, preserve and share your story

Adrena Ifill

Founder & CEO

Adrena Ifill has over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, marketing management, public relations and documentary video production.

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Ifill/DoubleBack Global Group is a woman-owned business with an international portfolio providing cultural heritage management services to private corporations, government agencies and non-profit institutions.To tell your story, we use technology and old-fashioned elbow grease. From event management, conference planning to strategic marketing and multimedia production, our team brings over 30 years of experience to the table.

You have to double back in order to get where you are going.

We work with you to capture your institutional and cultural heritage and present it in a comprehensive and dynamic way. From conception to completion and all the stages in between, we work with our clients to deliver results.

Do you need a team that understands your story and how to preserve and share it with a global audience? Ifill/DoubleBack Global group is your strategic partner for these services and more. Our core competency is to honor the subject matter, understand our client’s project requirements and to implement a tailored solution to meet the organization's goals.

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Cultural Heritage Management

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Commercial Videos
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Educational Curriculum Development

Lesson Plan Development
Educational Outreach Development

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Heritage Event & Tourism

  • For Educators – Lesson Plans

    Based on primary source materials and reading levels, the lesson plans were developed to teach important skills using culturally relevant materials.  An inter-disciplinary approach is used to meet all learning styles.

    • Curriculum Development
    • Research
    • Outreach
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  • DoubleBack Productions

    Visually, DoubleBack Productions tells stories that echo the American dream, in full color. These stories are triumph tales. They are lesser-known stories that illustrate how history is made everyday.

    • Research
    • Production
    • Distribution
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  • Avoice: African American Voices in Congress

    The Avoice Web site is designed to capture and preserve the rich history of political and legislative contributions of blacks for future generations. This virtual online library is a central source of information about historical and contemporary African American policy issues important to researchers, academics, educators and students.

    • Project Management
    • Web Development
    • Research
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  • Congressman Robert Smalls

    The documentary, Congressman Robert Smalls: A Patriot’s Journey from Slavery to Capitol Hill, brings to light the full picture of the development of American democracy, the origins of civil rights movement and the man who dedicated his life to this crusade. African-American politicians like Robert Smalls pushed the boundaries of American democracy setting the stage for the modern day civil rights movement.


    • Archival Research
    • Video Production
    • Research
    • Marketing & DIstribution
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