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#BlackLivesMatter I have been following the outrage on social media, the mass media accounts and the artful inspirations that have come forth from the tragedies of the loss of Black Americans during police interactions. As a preservationist, I wonder how will we or our children be able to access this history. Most of it is born digital, originating online, and thus how can it be preserved in its original state and the versions of interpretations that will spawn.

Take a moment to consider – you are a witness to history. Where would we be without the personal recollections and the shoebox of memories from the March on Washington, the presidential inaugurations and the devastating morning of 9/11. #Historymatters

Your personal archives are essential to the movement. Save your musings in hard copy and digitally. Print out articles that you like or those you take issue with and put them in a folder along side your account of what #BlackLivesMatter means to you.

#Historymatters Your witness is part of the movement to make sure their lives, the response and the change is recorded. #PreserveYourLegacy #presweek

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