How Many Black Histories We Still Don’t Know: An Interview With Simone Leigh

I was re-reading this article today and it struck in my way it did not last month – I wonder what is an appropriate response to the effect of personal history on business decisions.  Hmmmm…   How Many Black Histories We Still Don’t Know: An Interview With Simone Leigh On the next block, the Weeksville […]

Creative and Cultural Industries, a Caribbean economic lifeline in troubled time

As Carib News reported on Nov 23rd –   “P.J. Patterson, the quintessential Caribbean regionalist who led Jamaica longer than anyone else, wants his birthplace, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, Barbados, the Bahamas and their neighbors to move aggressively to put their cultural and creative assets to much greater economic use.”  Read more here and more […]

WANTED: Cultural Institutions/ Museums

A new digital research project called Insight which aims at increasing the financial performance in Museums and other cultural attractions is looking for cultural organizations nationwide to take part in a free trial. – Learn more

An intercultural tool for museums

“Although it was initially developed for a comparative study of city museums, the grid can be used by all types of museums and heritage institutions wishing to reflect upon their engagement with diverse communities. Museums may find it useful for initiating brainstorming sessions and self-assessment exercises, supporting planning processes, conducting intercultural project evaluations, or facilitating […]

Isn’t Culture mutilingual?

After watching the Carrie Weems event at the Guggenheim Museum (NYC), I read this blog post and had to share.  Audience development is essential for the expansion of cultural policy and engagement.  ” “There’s a challenge that all institutions—and especially those with international reach—face today: how can they best share resources with audiences who speak […]

Who cares about what you are doing in history & culture?

  Here Seth Godin talks about “How to get your ideas to spread” in a TED talk.  If you are working in the history & culture sphere – contact me and let me know how you think it applies or how can it apply to your organization/business?        

Living culture

It is Hollywood award season so the red carpet is getting a work out. An amazing actress named Lupita Nyong’o is leading the pack in so many ways. I admire how she has approached her meteoric rise to stardom – including teaching us how to pronounce her name. She is requiring us to honor culture […]

Heritage Ambassadors

Are you 20 – 27 years old and interested in learning more about cultural heritage? Join our new program to learn and share important history lessons in your community.   If you are interested, pls email us at Describe yourself and why you want to be a Heritage Ambassador.   Make history every day! […]